January 17, 2009


heres something to get excited about. SPRIIIIIIING IS HERE SOON! finally... yes!
Dont even sleep...seriaL!


maybe you'll get up, maybe you wont. hope you do!

fav jckt!

green eyes.

January 9, 2009


Anna Bauer takes some super dope photos backstage....the vibe is so real!
this is just to hype her..shes sick!

my nails are nicer then yours!


January 7, 2009

Blu Blu BerLin.

one of my friends showed me this a while back..
its insane.
and i cant even fathom the idea of time put into it.. but non the less its worth every second to watch!
check it NOW!

LOVE sofia.

this is the prettiest fragrance clip of all time.

January 6, 2009

twothousandnine gulps!

happi happi.
Soooooo lovely to be out of that ish year.
09 is going to be BIG! ask your mom, she'll tell you the exact same thing.
heres a cpl tings to start the yr fuzzy wit. lara Stone is it. hands down! i'm so all about her. shes going to take over 09...
believe that!

and this just in...
new gentleman video is pretty amazing. sizzla does it again.....
as its time for me to start bumping reggae again full time.
pop yer collar. its a new yr. no messing around...promise!