June 11, 2008

itz a beenie!

the ever undisputed beenie man..
Yuh Know Fi Wine [wegotitfirst] - Beenie Man
this one is for the ladies but the beat will have it playing in the club soonly! of this i am sure......yuh know fi wine?


music and FASHFUN.
the image is hype.the song is hype. need i say more?

value="http://media.imeem.com/m/qVBd7c1P7c/aus=false/">Hit That - M.I.A.

rude bwoys!

its summmmmmmer time...!
new demarco/foxy brown JAM. JAM. JAM.

She Wanna Rude Bwoy [wegotitfirst] - Foxy Brown ft. Demarco

June 5, 2008


PowPow ShantyTownRiddim Mix - Turbulence, Radics, JahMason, Daddy Rings, Sizzla, Luciano etc...
first of all the shanty town riddim is pure genius...its quite fabulous to see its still alive..!
these guys always have the fresh mixes. coming outta germany.. check dem on myspace...


and to bring it back old skool..
this was my parents number one jam fo sho...and the very beginning of my love for reggae music!

June 4, 2008

who what wear?

Agyness Deyn - Noir Boys Club
songs about british supermodels...
vs. british supermodels singing songs.

i vote songs about.
for suuuuuure!
sorry agy.

more fyah!

I am really feeling simplicity right now.
probably because I've been so bizzy the simpler the music that hits my ears.dash.slash.heart... the more balance I have walking this tightrope.
its pretty refreshing...maybe a slump. but whateve's I'm into it..it flows nicely and kind of ties it all together.
lutan fyah is amazing no matter..
always good messages, the man can dance... annnnnd he's got style for days...this deserves the first reggae slot on the blog. hands down. or up...up for sure. and it aint no riddim man!
the video is good 2. the skyline. the colors. the rawness of it all and for coming outta jamaica the quality is actually pretty on point.
de la vega. this is for you!

ps- sam roberts is genius.

its really quite simple.

No Sleep - Sam Roberts

June 3, 2008


Ok I caved...blog. blog. blog.
How could a nomad like eye not have a blog? It was time...
 Its for the music really.
 Its always for the music.
As I travel the world, my hard drive loses free space. 
 my closet grows bigger.
 makeup remover flows like water. 
 new suitcases are purchased and I usually leave alot of stuff behind or put it into the "trash".  Inspiration comes in heavy doses and now that I am actually sitting in front of my computer writing this. I am actually pretty hype to share some of it...yes! only some. 
what kind of woman would I be if I was to share it all?
 this is on repeat right now. had to post the video, cuz its amaze. 
 lashes. and lashes.
 rays of light.
 and of course lyrics. they are jus so eazy..
 how could  you not love it? 
 no its not reggae. you may close your mouth now. nuh worry. 
 there is plenty of time for that.