June 4, 2008

more fyah!

I am really feeling simplicity right now.
probably because I've been so bizzy the simpler the music that hits my ears.dash.slash.heart... the more balance I have walking this tightrope.
its pretty refreshing...maybe a slump. but whateve's I'm into it..it flows nicely and kind of ties it all together.
lutan fyah is amazing no matter..
always good messages, the man can dance... annnnnd he's got style for days...this deserves the first reggae slot on the blog. hands down. or up...up for sure. and it aint no riddim man!
the video is good 2. the skyline. the colors. the rawness of it all and for coming outta jamaica the quality is actually pretty on point.
de la vega. this is for you!

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